About Planet Dreaming

Planet Dreaming is an informational resource for independent travelers who love our planet and care about ecology.

The main focus of Planet Dreaming is eco-friendly travel, healthy food and lifestyle, recycling, eco-living and traveling!

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My story


“Hey there! My name is Inna and I grew up in the east of Ukraine.

I obviously love traveling, but I’m also passionate about lots of other things: phycology and volunteering, discovering unique places, anything that involves me being on the water, healthy food and, of course, eco-friendly lifestyle.

I have participated in many volunteering projects and international exchange back when I was a student. Having switched a couple of jobs before I realized that I cannot stay in one place and on one job for years. My life is constant movement and I cannot remember the time when I wouldn’t be exploring new places.

I’m an expert in budget travel and surviving on $150 per month, finding volunteering and barter projects around the globe and an avid Couchsurfer.

I’m an experienced solo traveler but about 2 year ago I met soon to be husband Jim and we are traveling together now. So far I have visited 24 countries and trying to spend at least 1 month in each country”.

My mission

The core of eco-lifestyle is understanding that all of your actions affect the world around you. My goal is to inspire curiosity about an eco-friendly lifestyle and hopefully my readers can try some of its elements on themselves.

Of course, adopting a green lifestyle in one day is very difficult. You should gradually switch to this lifestyle, regardless of whether others follow your example or not. An eco-friendly lifestyle helps to preserve the environment, as well as improves our lives and health.


Here are my 6 principles of eco-friendly lifestyle:

№1: “Rethink”

№2: “Refuse”

№3: “Reduce”

№4: “Reuse”

№5: “Recycle”

№6: “Replace”

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